Mental Health & The Spa Environment


In honor of World Mental Health Day, we wanted to take this opportunity to promote the importance of mental health and center on some of the elements that can improve mental health and well-being.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression and anxiety along with other mental disorders are currently one of the leading causes of disability, globally. Suicide being one of the most prevalent cause of death among ages of 15-29. Many of these conditions are generally preventable when addressed properly, but there has previously been a significant stigma against both diagnosing and treating/preventing mental health decline. These circumstances often lead to a variety of Human Rights violations. Specifically, after 2020; many individuals faced unprecedented life experiences and difficulties, leading to an even more general mental health crisis. A huge part of improving local and international mental health statistics is to bring awareness to the cause, destigmatize the issue, and collectively develop healthy and effective approaches. 

 For centuries, Eastern practices have innovated and focused on the spa environment to connect the body with the mind and improve overall well-being. Spas are consistently shown to be highly effective in decreasing and improving symptoms of depression and anxiety in a holistic environment.  Body and facial massage fights stress and induces balanced hormonal production, which in turn helps in the well-being of mind, body, and soul. The result is a healthy body and glowing skin and lowered cortisol levels. Visiting a spa can help reduce anxiety, enhance self-image, provide a feeling of well-being, and stimulate emotional growth.

Prioritizing Self-Care

 A statement from some of our most loyal clients who have sought out the spa environment to improve mental health by prioritizing self-care and recognizing the differences in the meaning of self-care for different people.

“My husband and I have struggled with mental health issues for most of our lives, one side effect of which was an unhealthy amount of self-sabotage and general lack of self-compassion. We have now done the hard work to get to the other side—which is stable, happy, and hopeful, with an almost unending propensity for joy. It’s taken us 40+ years, but now we make self-care and things that bring us pleasure a priority. We know that we deserve it and we know that it’s crucial to our well-being. 


One of the things we love, individually and as a couple, are spa treatments. Finding Poppi’s was kismet. It’s not just a spa—it’s an entire experience for all the senses, in a modern, sophisticated setting. Being able to schedule the Jasmine package once a month, without any hassle, and with the option to use the outstanding lounge area amenities and to add additional treatments, has been ideal for us. We even paid ahead for the whole quarter as a commitment to our wellness and quality of life. It’s something we look forward to for weeks; nothing feels better than doing something luxurious to nourish one’s body, mind, and spirit. Which is why we will continue to make it a priority in our self-care repertoire.”


Elizabeth and Michael Thompson

If you or your loved one is struggling with your mental health– we stand unified with all the individuals and organizations fighting for this cause to encourage you and/or your loved ones to speak out, seek help, and find the path to living your best life, unashamed.