Chromotherapy is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic light to treat diseases and to affect mood or emotions. It is a centuries-old concept used successfully over the years to treat various diseases and ailments. 

The following color chart briefly explains the health benefits associated with each color.

Purple The Mind Eraser

Feeling like your mind has too many open tabs?

  • ♦Purple is the last color we can see before light passes on to ultraviolet (UV)
  • ♦Excellent for neurosis, diseases of the scalp, sciatica, tumors, rheumatism, celestial-spinal meningitis, concussion, cramps, & epilepsy
  • ♦Violet animates & cleans the venous blood
  • ♦Some experts believe it can provide nourishment to the cells in the upper brain

Red The Great Energizer

Feeling sluggish?

  • ♦The color red works wonders in the body to increase energy levels
  • ♦Loosens, releases constrictions and is excellent for areas that have become stiffened
  • ♦Activates metabolism
  • ♦Promotes cellular growth, stimulating the circulatory system
  • ♦Causes hemoglobin to multiply, thus increasing energy raising body temperature conditions as it stimulates sensory nerves such as hearing, taste, and smell
  • ♦Excellent for anemia or blood-related conditions
  • ♦Ideal for colds and other sluggish or dormant conditions like pneumonia, arthritis, and anemia
  • ♦Stimulates the liver

Green The Universal Healing Color

Does your body need a reboot?

  • ♦Benefits most any condition in need of healing
  • ♦Relaxes muscles, nerves, & thoughts
  • ♦Provides feelings of peace & harmony
  • ♦Great for conditions of the heart, lowering blood pressure, ulcers, cancer, headaches, nervous disorders, & influenza
  • ♦Renewing, moderating, & soothing
  • ♦When in doubt, green will always work!

Orange The Wisdom Ray

Feeling bogged down?

  • ♦Free your mind & spark joy
  • ♦Known to be a warm, cheerful, & non-constricting color
  • ♦Because orange is a blend of red & yellow it combines physical energy with mental wisdom
  • ♦Causes a transformation between lower physical reaction & higher mental response
  • ♦An emotional stimulant
  • ♦Removes inhibitions
  • ♦Aids in repairing inflammation of the kidneys, gallstones, & sinus
  • ♦Helps menstrual cramps
  • ♦Great for epileptics

Yellow The Skin Rejuvenator

Need a creativity boost?

  • ♦Awaken mental inspiration
  • ♦Provides clarity of thought, increased awareness, & stimulates interest & curiosity
  • ♦Connects us to our mental self & is related to our ability to understand
  • ♦Helps repair scarred tissue & eczema
  • ♦Excellent color for nervous system or nerve-related ailments due to an alkalizing effect that strengthens nerves
  • ♦Aids in conditions related to the stomach, liver, & intestines including constipation, gas, liver troubles, & diabetes

Blue The Cool Soother

Need some rest?

  • ♦Mentally relaxing, calming color
  • ♦Pacifying effect on the nervous system
  • ♦Encourages great lotus
  • ♦Soothing rays provide peace to a mind that is worried, excited, or in a constant nervous state
  • ♦Can be used for any ailment associated with speech, communication, or the throat
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