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What should I wear to Poppi’s, is there a dress code?

*We encourage guests to wear comfortable clothing that they can relax in. However, if you are coming directly from work or an event and did not bring anything to wear, we have you covered. Poppi’s has American Apparel cotton t-shirts and shorts available as well as soft sandals.

What do I wear during a massage?

Whatever makes you comfortable. We are professionals and encourage you to wear your birthday suit if you feel so inclined or wear a tank top and panties, or a sports bra and shorts, the options are endless. The main thing is that you feel comfortable during your service.

Am I nude during a body treatment? Am I going to be cold?

Nope, we provide you with a set of disposable undergarments to wear during your treatment or you can opt to bring your own attire in such as a swimsuit. While we don’t require you to wear a top we do require that you wear something to cover your genitals. With the bed warmer going and the copious amounts of hot towels we use you will be kept comfortable.

Why do I put on a wrap during a facial?

We provide you with a wrap and a robe for you to change into for all facial services. We like to include treatment of the neck and decollete with all facials. The skin here is delicate and deserves to be treated with the same level of care as your face.

How can I best prep for a bikini or brazillian wax appointment?

We provide sanitary feminine wipes in our locker rooms to keep you fresh, clean and confident. Also, feel free to utilize the shower before your appointment.

Do you provide showers to use?

*Yes, our locker rooms are equipped with full amenities including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, luxurious towels, brushes, combs and skin care products. Our showers are also ada compliant and can accommodate any level of ability and need.

What is the policy on late or no-show guests?

*If a client is late and did not call we would have to cut that time out of their scheduled treatment time. However with communication we can adjust your appointment if our schedule allows to ensure you receive everything you expected from your treatment.

*No-show appointments will be charged a fee to the credit or debit card they used to pay their appointment deposit with.

Is there a referral program for guests?

*Stay tuned, we are working on something really magical for our referral program.

What types of payment do you accept?

Apple pay? HSA Flex Pay? Cash? Check?

*We gladly accept cash, credit, debit and apple pay.

What is the maximum number of guests I can book?

*Poppi’s has 4 treatment rooms and can work with you to accommodate your party needs. We also offer rates for private parties and large groups.


What kind of chemical peels do you offer?

*We offer a wide range of enzyme peels as well as gentle Lactic Acid peels.

What products do you use for your services?

*Poppi’s is proud to have chosen Eminence Organic Skin Care as our go to treatment line. Eminence is an all organic skin care company that works diligently to grow, harvest and process all of their own ingredients to ensure the greatest product possible for clients.

Do you have natural/hypoallergenic products?

*Yes, our products are organic and were selected precisely for that reason. Our estheticians believe in natural products being best for your skin care needs.


Does the lounge require a reservation? 

*Our Life Lounge does not require a reservation. It is a communal space that you are welcome to drop in to anytime you feel the need for relaxation and restoration.

How long can I stay in the Life Lounge?

*Stay in the Life Lounge as long as you need to feel relaxed. Bring a book, do some coloring, bring your laptop and knock out those emails if you like. We are happy to host you for any length of time.

What types of tea/beverages do you offer?

*Poppi’s is delighted to offer handcrafted custom blended herbal, black and green teas. We also make delicious lattes and espresso. Poppi’s always has fizzy and still water available for our lounge guests to ensure they stay hydrated and relaxed.

What is the Life Lounge?

*Poppi’s offers some very exclusive amenities in the Life Lounge. The Halotherapy salt room will expand your breathing and give you the deep breath you’ve been needing. This treatment is great for allergies, asthma, copd and cystic fibrosis as well as a great therapy for anyone who performers or does public speaking. Expanding your breath is a key to proper bodily function.

*Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is done using a full spectrum lighting system that can balance our mood, emotions and physical ailments. As you bask in the deep saturation of color your body absorbs the light wavelengths and makes adjustments. Whether you need a mood boost, to increase circulation or simply need to let go, color therapy is your ally.

*Traditional steam room style saunas can be taxing on your breathing and can even limit the amount of time you expose your body to the needed warmth and heat of a sauna. Exposing your body to high temperatures created proteins in your heart, this makes your heart healthier and stronger. Our dry infrared sauna allows you to get the necessary time in the sauna without the suffocation of the steam and without the drenching sweat. Additionally, as you warm your muscles your capillaries will dilate sending a rush of healthy blood to your muscles, giving them the opportunity to repair and restore. This is a great treatment for anyone with muscles aches, pains or who does a lot of physical activity. We recommend you pair the sauna with a massage to get the greatest benefit.

Is the salt in the halotherapy room running all the time?

*The Halotherapy salt room generator not running salt all the time. However it is ready to go at all times of the day! All a client needs to do is inform a member of the Poppi’s team that they are ready for a salt treatment and we can flip the switch for them.

How long is a typical halotherapy session?

*Halotherapy treaments are very idividualized and can range from an intense 10 minutes to a slow and steady 30 minutes. We recommend clients start with a 30 minute session and eventually increase to a more concentrated session.

Are there any special rules or need-to-knows about the salt room?

*Yes, the particulate salt can interfere with your phone and cause corrosion. We ask that clients do not take their phones in the room when the generator is on for the health and safety of their phone. Also, drinks and shoes are not allowed in the room so to keep the salt as clean and pure as possible.

I’m ready to park and have the app, but what zone are you in?

Zone 3210

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